Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Win-Win Wednesday

I love surprises. Especially when they come in the mail... at work. There's just something about seeing something in my work inbox that just makes me happy all over. Today, I was excited to see a package. Not knowing what it could be, I pulled it out and looked it over. "Oh!" I thought. "That's that thing from forever ago." What that thing was, happened to be my bracelet from Choose Haiti.

I had ordered it so long ago, I had honestly forgotten about it. Sometime in November or December, Southern Savers let us know about this deal at an online site where you could sign up and get a $10 credit. Conveniently, the Choose Haiti bracelet was $10 with free shipping, so you got to donate to a good cause, get a great bracelet, and it was FREE. Win-win-win. While I'm sure that I was only one of thousands to order one, I had forgotten since I knew it would take a while. Fun surprise!

I also have a confession to make: I've got to break my "It's 1:30 and I need some coffee habit." It's bad, not to mention, expensive. Luckily, I only do it every couple of weeks, but I'm thinking about bringing my french press to work.

It may be a little messier, but I'll save a ton of money and get my coffee just the way I like it. Win-win? Win-win.

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