Sunday, February 27, 2011

Witches' Brew

I was so excited to get up this morning because there was a special brown bag with my name on it this morning. You could already smell it by the time you walked in the the kitchen.

What was it?


Folgers may be your favorite, but honestly, nothing can touch this stuff. Erin's church is doing a mission trip to help Guatemalan coffee farmers next summer, so they are selling coffee from those farms to help support the trip. Coffee + missions= I'm in.

I was lucky enough that my parents happened to have a coffee grinder, actually one of their wedding gifts. When my parents first got married, they were really into coffee (notice the Krups label). Even until I was in high school, they used this coffee filter that was plated in gold because it was supposed to make your coffee taste better. They were hard core.

Get your grinder and fill so that it just covers the blades

Look and smell at the beans onnnnne more time

Put on the lid and grind for about 5 seconds. Check your beans.

Above is what course grind looks like. If you've got a french press, stop here. If you've got a coffee maker, keep going.

There we go! Put into filter and brew. This was enough to make a whole pot in my 4-cup machine.

I had always heard that fresh grinding your beans before brewing was better, but I didn't know the difference until now. I can't say I'll do it every day, but if I have the time, I'll definitely do it. These beans are pretty amazing as well.

Now, I like coffee, but I can't finish the whole pot, so what to do with the rest? I'm making coffee ice cubes. Just pour your extra brew in an ice tray and freeze. I love putting them in my iced lattes, so the ice doesn't water down the drink.

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