Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keifer's, Part Deux

I know I had a different experience with Keifer's last time, but last night's dinner shows me just how different two locations can be. Even more so, that the original is the original for a reason. 

To top it off, it was the perfect evening to chill out on the patio. Maybe I was punch drunk with the weather, but the patio is one of the reasons I'm drawn to Keifer's. I could take or leave the inside (a little loud and the major smells from the kitchen), but the patio is where it's at.

So after letting the Twitterverse know where I was, Eat Jackson asked, "What are you getting?"

This is always hard and not so hard at the same time. While I've always wanted to try the falafel (even though Aladdin's is the best I've ever had), the pita mozz, and maybe one day, even the chicken gyro, but I always come back to the classic gyro. Oh, and cottage fries (of course).

So, I buckled. When it was time to order, I went with what I know best. And, really, the original Keifer's does it best and next time, I'll know better to stick with the original.

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  1. I think you are so right but pita moss is so much better but, you might think you had a bad experience but NO! So just go again and try inside even if you think is sooooo nosey just try I think it will be very very fun maybe people just do that so then if you like it but, you still think it's nosey go again and you'll get used to it and kind of like it maybe, but try it just my advice to try maybe start liking it so that's it





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