Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been enjoying having flowers all around my house this week. Always being too cheap to buy them myself, I can't believe how much flowers change my mood.
This white roses and yellow flowers, below, are both from my grandfather's funeral. They are a sweet reminder of him and all our wonderful friends.
I've also gotten some additions from my roommate, who had to work an event last night (gotta love working in marketing!). She brought home some gorgeous tulips.
Along with a few other things to add to my already growing collections (the springs of eucalyptus are also from the funeral)
My favorite is the Tropicana rose. I've always loved them.
Surprisingly, Kitty hasn't even looked at them. I thought they'd all the eaten by now.
But that doesn't stop her from trying to be cute in front of the camera...
Happy Friday!

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