Monday, May 2, 2011

Bon Ami

Bon Ami is French for "good friend," and good friend we had at there Sunday for lunch. This weekend, our family friend, Medea, came in town and stayed with my parents for a wonderful weekend. After church on Sunday and going around and around about where to eat, I suggested we just go to a place I know the food is always good, Bon Ami.

Why, you say is the food so good or what is it that's out of this world? This, my good friends, is why:
Southwestern Ravioli 
Black bean and corn ravioli, served with an oven-roasted chicken breast in an ancho chili black bean sauce

I'm a die hard fan of this dish. Since I was in middle school, this is the dish I crave and almost single-handedly, the only meal I order.

While Mississippi Magazine readers always choose some dessert at Char as the best dessert in the state (and I refute is one of the most uninteresting desserts I've eaten), this, to me, is the best out there. It says it best in the description as "rich and sinful."
Caramel Brownie
Served with a scoop of coffee ice cream and topped with toasted almonds

While I don't see a single almond on the plate, it was fantastic.
Now, you see, the food is good for my soul, but I will say the service is touch and go. At one point it almost looked like we had two waiters trying to do damage control when soup and salads never arrived. Where service is lacking, the food comes back and reminds you why you're there. It'd be great if they'd put in some acoustic tiles while they're at it.

But for all intensive purposes, it's one of the best meals you can get around town, whether you're in the "ladies who lunch" set or just going with your bon amis.

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