Sunday, May 29, 2011


Phew, you know how you're going, going, going and once it slows down you just need a really long nap? That was me yesterday afternoon. After lunch at my parents house, I went up to my old room and had the best hour nap of my life. But, before we get to all of that, I'll back up to Friday...

I had a blast Friday on the radio show. I love food, so why wouldn't I love talking about it for an hour? Afterwards, Marika and I were starving, so where to eat with so many places around? Since I had only tried part of the menu, we decided to try out Fatsumo again. 
We started with edamame and gyoza. I got them fried simply because it was an extra dollar for steamed ones. Only in Mississippi would you have to pay extra to be healthier...
Spicy Tuna roll. Still delicious and still my favorite.

As if we weren't full enough, we just had to cross the street to Campbell's Bakery.
Their iced tea cookies make me smile. Like I said on the show, they are such a throwback to when I was a kid. My grandmother used to get the red heart cookies from there on Valentine's Day for us. I can still picture the crimped edges from the cookie cutter and the sweet red color.
One day, I'll try a cannoli, but we were there for the cake pop. We talked to Mitchell, the new owner, who's so kind.

Conveniently around my birthday, my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, are blooming everywhere. It may seem silly to say that you have a favorite hydrangea bush in the whole world, but I do - the one on the side of my grandparents' house. Why? Because the hydrangeas look like this:
I don't know what in the world is in the soil, but they are the prettiest deep purple you have ever seen. My sister sent me a photo of the bush the other day and I said that I'd love to go cut some one day this week, but I never had time. When I walked into my parents' house Friday night, there was a huge arrangement of them waiting for me. 

Saturday morning, we all got ready for graduation day. Living and working downtown, it's really funny for me now to see people from Madison driving like chickens with their heads cut off because they never are in that part of Jackson.

Everyone started filing in...
Brandon went first (handing his name to Mrs. Daniels)
Then, Trey (shaking hands with the principal, Ms. Mitchell)

It was definitely a great day. Afterwards, a few of us came back to our house and had a nice lunch. By this time, I was so tired I had no energy for photos. Hence, the best-nap-of-my-life.

Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes. Hope you are having a wonderful, long weekend!

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