Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things

Three things:
1. This was divine.
Chef Luis Bruno at the Museum of Art knows his stuff. I mentioned to some of my co-workers who were visiting the museum for lunch that his new spin on the menu looked incredible, including the red velvet whoopie pie. I thought nothing else about it and when I got back from lunch myself today, this was sitting on my desk. I had my two bites and started passing it around the office for everyone to try. 

How they got that filling to simply taste like cream cheese, pecans and subtly of vanilla bean with the consistency of whipped cream is beyond me. It was wonderful. 

Everyone who went raved about their meals as well. It's definitely on my to-eat short list right now.

2. My wonderfully creative cousin Ashley (the one that made this lamp) is having a giveaway in honor of the opening of her Etsy shop. Want to check out the giveaway, her blog, and her Etsy store? Click here! Thank me later.

3. I'll be on my work's radio show tomorrow from 12-1 CST talking about food, culinary heritage, and all of the fun things to do in the next week around the city. For those of you in the area, that's 100.1 FM or for everyone else,, to stream live.

Can you taste that three day weekend??

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