Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two for Two

I am two for two on the no grocery shopping on Sunday front. I think I may have had dinner at home once last week, so I've still got a fridge full of groceries! But, I'll show you a little of what I've had going on this past week...
 Friday night, I went to an event at Erin's church, which was really cool and right up my alley- a coffee tasting! Erin is going on a mission trip this summer to Guatamela to help La Armonia Hermosa and will actually be helping the coffee farmers. She is selling the coffee at her church and it is ridiculously good. Their direct trade is also another huge component to the mission. When I say it's some of the best coffee I ever had, it really is. 

We got a good coffee lesson and I can tell you there are two types of coffee beans: robusta (grown in lower elevation, grow more abundantly, grow faster) and arabica (grown on the mountains at higher elevation, takes years longer to grow). As you can probably tell, robusta is what is sold by your big box stores because it's produced so cheaply. These farmers grow arabica and there's no question it tastes better!
 Probably the most interesting part was the decanter that Paul, the owner of Bean Fruit Coffee used. I wish I had taken photos, but I was too busy watching!
Erin did an awesome job with the flowers. I've been obsessed with these tulips in jars since I took this photo.

Yesterday, Erin and I had a meeting at my church to attend and when we got out at 1:30, we were starving. Surveying our options, we choose our good old friend, Julep. Sometimes you just need that Rosemary Fried Chicken, right?
 And that goat cheese. Oh, the goat cheese.
When we were eating, I told Erin this was probably the biggest meal I've eaten in three weeks.  I have to admit, that my body just can't handle the fried food anymore. It makes me miserable. Let's just say that two pills and a few hours laying around my parents' house later, I was still miserable.

This morning, I felt so much better. I wish my gym was open on Sundays, because with a new work out playlist (created when I got home Friday night and could not sleep because of that coffee) I was motivated to get out the door. So, I took an awesome walk/run (and I mean 5% run) around the neighborhood.

I even saw a Kitty Gang!

 Love my neighborhood. It's full of historic homes (it's one of the more intact historic neighborhoods in the city and state), so I love walking around, looking at all the homes. I got home just as it started to mist outside.
Now I'm at home enjoying my Pig in a Poke (or Egg in a Hole for all you weirdos). Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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