Friday, June 24, 2011

Mish Mash

I have been so busy, it's hard to catch my breath! Let me start from the beginning, back at Father's Day weekend. My dad has started branching out into different beers and he loves Blue Moon! He was drinking it without the orange, so of course I had to hook him up right for Father's Day. I'm officially that girl that gives her dad beer for Father's Day (along with a gift certificate to Fresh Market, mind you).
We also had my uncle's 60th birthday party. It was so much fun, especially with petit fours from Primo's!
This weekend, my mom was also taking care of my cousin's son, Andrew. We buy him cookies as big as his face, because we can.
Marika and I ran into Campbell's this week as well. Mitchell had a cake pop that took an accidental dip too far into the chocolate and off the stick, so I got to taste test it for free. Nothing wrong with it as far as I'm concerned!
They also had cute gator tea cookies too...
The other day, it was raining and pouring for the first time in ages, but it didn't keep Sital from calling me to go to Walker's. The redfish sandwich is to die for.
Last night, I had dinner at Aladdin. You can't go wrong with the hummus with lamb. Just sayin'!
Here's to a great weekend!

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  1. Love some iced Campbell's cookies and Walker's lunch, that's one good workday lunch. This is going to be internet creepy...but I go to a yoga class with a girl named Sital who works in the Fondren area, strange!



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