Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cosmopolitan Cafe

There's a new kid in town and I like it. I like it a lot. So much so, I've even lunch there two days in a row. It's name is Cosmopolitan Cafe (Part of Cosmopolitan Catering by Macy) and it's right in the heart of Fondren.

I have to admit, my first time in yesterday was out of necessity because our organization was writing about them for our advertorial of the week, so needless to say, we've got to try the product. Boy, was it good.

The menu is fairly simple: a few plate lunches where you pick a meat and two sides. The hard part: choosing which one because they all sound so good.
I settled on the poppy seed chicken, broccoli salad and sweet and sour green beans. Everything was so flavorful. While I was worried about it all being too heavy, I didn't feel bogged down at the end like I sometimes do with Southern-style meals.
 We had to try the dessert. All of them in fact. Banana pudding, chocolate chess pie and strawberry shortcake. I was skeptical that the chess pie could match the recipe my family holds dear, but I was impressed. Macy said herself she uses her family's recipe and I think it's a winner.
After telling the office, more people wanted to go today. This time, I tried the meatloaf, corn salad and sweet and sour green beans (because I may or may not have dreamed about them).

If you need a good, quick lunch, this is the place to go. If you need a casserole to pop in the oven after work or a dip for a party, Macy's got that too. Tell her I sent you.
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