Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PM Taco

Pop-up restaurants are a niche market. Mostly, and maybe it goes without saying, because they are a quick one day jaunt away from the usual menu where restaurants get to be different, if not a little whimsical. Jackson restaurants have just started to scratch the surface of the limitless possibilities of pop-up restaurants and PM Taco, a pop-up restaurant for Parlor Market did not disappoint yesterday.

By noon, tacos were calling my name. Being a block away, a few of us from the office gladly skipped over. Tables were full, so we found three seats at the bar. We were quickly served drinks, salsa, and guacamole.
What did we get? A lot of food. Parlor Market can be on the expensive side, but each taco order only ran $7-$8. While I cannot tell you everything in the tacos, we did order the Big Mac, Pulled Chicken, and Blue Mountain Oyster tacos. Each was great all it's own. We also sampled the black eyed peas, which weren't my favorite, but as I've said before, I'm not a big fan of black eyed peas.
Pulled Chicken Tacos

Because I saw more on the menu we wanted to try and I happened to see them mixing up the sangria behind the bar at lunch, I just had to go back for dinner. Thank goodness my gym is also across the street, so I was able to work out before I went back, right? Right.

The wait was MUCH longer for dinner. The crowd, especially around the bar, was a little crazy. Our group grabbed drinks and headed outside to hear the band while we waited.

When we finally got seated, I knew what I wanted to try: The Gyro Taco. Lamb, pearled cous cous, and feta wrapped in pita. I'm still thinking about it. I was nervous ordering it, but it was hands down my favorite. If Parlor Market ever puts this on their regular menu or decides to venture into taco trucks, this would be my regular order.
Here's a hat tip to Parlor Market for making pop-up restaurants work in Jackson. Sure, there are bumps along the way and big crowds to feed, but that's exactly why Jackson needs restaurants to push us into uncharted culinary boundaries. I can't say it enough: People are ready for good food. It's also why I'm waiting patiently for that Gyro Taco to go on their regular menu.

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