Friday, February 24, 2012


I love looking back at some of my old blog posts. The other day, I came upon one I wrote when I found out I was going to intern at Jackson Free Press four years ago (If you haven't been following me that long, I had a great experience there and got national attention for some research I did on the governor at the time, as well as some regional/national awards for our domestic violence stories. I still freelance for them from time to time. MY how things have changed since then). In the post I used a photo of Fondren Corner. I had to chuckle for a couple of reasons. A: I realized my boyfriend took that picture (scary coincidence - I didn't know him then).

B: One of my favorite places in the entire city has become the rooftop at Fondren Corner. From the roof you can see all of the hospitals, Veterans Memorial stadium, downtown, and a good bit of Fondren. With this great, mild weather we've been having, it's been perfect to meet the boyfriend after work and take dinner up to the roof.

With Fondren Corner so close to Rainbow Co-op (where we are members) and McDade's, most of the time we go "French" and buy dinner right before we actually eat dinner. Last night was a perfect mix of chicken, hummus, strawberries, and wine.

Perfect way to unwind from the day!

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  1. I did not know aboyut a roof top. When Truman and I lived there --not much going on except to buy groceries. We had our first apartment on Northview Drive. I will tell you about it somertime. MaMaw



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