Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

You know, there are some things that I imagine women love hearing. "You're beautiful," or "You mean the world to me." Well, I heard the magic words last night after work: "Take your time and come around six. Romantic dinner in yoga pants?"

Yes. Those magic words. So, I went home, cleaned, hung a piece of art I've been meaning to hang, and went to the boyfriend's house... in my yoga pants.

So, I arrive at Fondren Corner and this is what I walk in to:

Salmon, rosemary shrimp, crabcake, basmati rice, and sweet and sour green beans. Great cocktail with an Argentinian wine Fondren Cellars wanted to try out on us, New Age.

I had given him his gift Sunday because I couldn't wait (a beautiful large platter from circa. that he had been wanting and homemade chocolate covered strawberries), but he gave me these beautiful earrings (also from circa.).

And a dozen roses, which I took home and arranged. Love having flowers around!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether with your loved one or thinking about them.


  1. So sweet!! I need pictures with him IN them sometime soon, you know?

    1. Ha! I've got plenty of pictures of him in them, but trying to keep him a little anonymous from the masses. I'll make sure you sprinkle a picture or two in from time to time. ;-)

      You've got to meet him! Y'all will love him. He and David have become best buddies. Really funny!

    2. Oh, look on my Facebook page! There are a few there. His name is Paul!



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