Monday, February 27, 2012


Another great weekend, albeit, a busy one!

We spent more time on the roof Saturday night photographing a few friends of ours for the boyfriend's magazine (new issue comes out in March). We had a perfect, beautiful sunset to work with!

Right after that, we went to the Jackson Medical Mall for Taste of the U, a fundraiser for UMMC. There were tables everywhere with food to try. This is the booth that won the event: 

Willy Wonka with all kinds of cake pops, candy, etc. There was so much food!

Last night, we ventured over to Brent's for the Oscar Watch Party in support of The Help and had dinner with our friend, Chane. If you don't know, Brent's is the soda fountain featured in the movie.

Also, the little twin girls that played Mae Mobley were there. They were really cute and seemed to be soaking it all in.

Here's to another great week!

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