Friday, March 23, 2012

Events and more events!

Parade season is upon us! Last weekend was Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade and this week we've been submerged in Zippity Doo Dah planning. I'll be glad for a break.

Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade
 Sunday night, we went to Duling Hall (as we do for all the shows) to hear Israeli artist Aya Korem. She was fantastic.
Aya Korem
 This past week was the annual Sisterhood Bazaar at Beth Israel Temple and of course we had to go! We sampled all kinds of food, from the hummus and tabouli to brisket, knish, and blintzes.
Salad plate
 That night (Wednesday night), I headed down to the fairgrounds to meet the Clydesdales as they arrived in town for ZDD weekend. I got to walk this horse from the semi around the livestock pavillion, which sounds cool, but was actually a little intimidating. You see, I am only five feet tall and this horse is eight feet talk TO THE SHOULDER.
 Afterwards, we headed straight to Duling Hall for SXSW/JXN, a concert of musicians from SXSW playing in Jackson. Happy New Year, Maggie Eckford, and Lovedrug were on the bill there. The event then moved downtown later for more acts.
 Knowning that I wouldn't be able to go to the concert and promote it, I went to sound check yesterday at Hal and Mal's for musical artist Hunter Hayes. Really nice kid!
 Then, it began. The opening of the weekend and Arts, Eats and Beats. We gathered to greet the Clydesdales and start the procession to Blair E. Batson to official kick off the weekend and then process to Fondren.

Jeff, JSU President Dr. Myers, and Jill

 This rig is LONG.

My boyfriend was one of the few that got to ride on the wagon. I rode in a vehicle behind the wagon. It was was little crazy. We stopped 5 o'clock traffic on State Street and I was so nervous the boyfriend was going to fall off the way he was taking photos and Tweeting while riding.
The boyfriend goofing off (far right)
Afterwards, while the wagon processed to Fondren, I was escorted back to my car and then followed the wagon to Fondren. It was a great night!

You can see more of the pictures I took for work here.

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