Monday, March 12, 2012


Man, sometimes it's good to get away! It's been a crazy couple of weeks for us with the boyfriend's magazine going to the printer this week (and me proofing it before it was sent for a few hours... geez) and a few big projects I was working on. So, we decided a weekend getaway to Memphis was in order. Since we're both design people and promote our city, we're always looking for ways to improve visitor experiences, restaurant ideas, and new guides to get design inspiration. There's a part of Memphis called Cooper Young, similar to our Fondren, so we knew we'd hang out a lot there. 

First on our agenda was Soul Fish. So good!
Catfish, sweet potato fries, cole slaw, hush puppies
Soul Fish interior
There are some neat shops along the streets of Cooper Young, including this interesting cat adoption store. Yes, cat adoption store called "House of Mews."

Of course, we had to go to the river front. Here's a view of the I-55 bridge from Riverside Park.

Being in Tennessee, a beer run was also on our minds. We made a trip to Whole Foods and stocked up on the good stuff for us and some of our friends. The store's beer buyer was really nice and loved to hear all about us and what we do for Raise Your Pints.

That night, we headed downtown to Huey's for brews and burgers. Of course, we got beers you can't get in Mississippi - Ghost City seasonal and Fat Tire.

One of the big draws for Huey's is that you can get any burger made with a beef patty, turkey patty, or black bean patty. We both opted for the black bean burger.

Black bean burger with pepper jack cheese and guacamole
After a filling meal, we walked around downtown and made it to the roof of the Peabody (which we sneaked onto... there was a rehearsal dinner going on in the Penthouse and the roof was supposed to be closed for the party).

View of the river at night
View of the river in the morning
Walking around that night, we spotted this place we knew we'd be back for breakfast called Cockadoo's. It was out of this world.
Iced latte

Everything sounded so good. We ordered pancakes, turkey bacon, sweet potato hashbrowns, and a BBQ pulled pork omelet (NOT my choosing, but it was actually really good).

We sat in the loft, so you could look over the front of the restaurant.

We had our sight set back on Cooper Young, mostly because my drummer of a boyfriend knew he wanted to go to the Memphis Drum Shop!

Where, of course, you could find him playing "Amazing Grace" on the steel drum.

We also knew we couldn't leave Memphis without some proper BBQ and the best place to go is Central BBQ. Considering the line out the door to order, we knew we were at the right place. Knowing we were leaving TN soon, we had to get more Fat Tire brew in before we left, right?

Still somewhat full from breakfast, we split the pork plate, which was plenty of food. Just the way I like barbecue. 

We had such a wonderful time in Memphis! Hope all of you on spring break have a great week...

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  1. Now on to St. Paddy's Day parade. The fun just goes on and on for you. MaMaw



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