Friday, April 13, 2012


I've had a lot going on lately, so here's a just a taste of the fun things happening these days:
Had some of the best hot dogs I've ever had from Frank at the park downtown (who happens to be the dad of a friend of ours)
Enjoyed sweet Easter treats with all of the office from Campbell's Bakery
Celebrated the bill passing to change Mississippi's beer content from 5% ABW to 8% ABW with (soon to not be illegal) Abita Vanilla Doubledog
Watched a live recording of the Mississippi Happening podcast with our friend (and host) Daniel at Pizza Shack
Enjoyed the new flavor of Cathead that just launched, honeysuckle. Really... it's just vodka.
Enjoyed Turkish food
Tried the Home Try-On from Warby Parker. Had SUCH a great experience and ordered a pair of glasses. All of you should check them out.
Enjoyed Downtown Jackson... at dusk
Had a breakfast cook off at the office using recipes we found on Pinterest. My bacon pancakes won, hands down.
Watched the Jackson episode of Man v. Food air this week... and celebrated with lunch at Two Sisters Kitchen. [Videos: Hal and Mal's, Chimneyville Smokehouse, and Two Sisters Kitchen]

Here's to many more!


  1. I need to go to Two Sisters again as it has been too long. Thanks for all the vidios. I loved them MaMaw

  2. I know you've done things in the past month. Why are you holding out on me?!



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