Friday, July 27, 2012


This has been such a busy week for us! We've had something every night after work and I'm ready for a little break. I'm hoping that Sunday and be a day of rest! Until then...

Yesterday evening my office has our annual awards ceremony, which I worked during, live streaming the ceremony online, and operating Twitter, Facebook, and all that jazz while the program was happening. 
 After it was over, it was time to have some down time and go to dinner. We always seem to eat in the neighborhood, so I suggested another restaurant we don't go nearly enough, Bravo!
 A little limontini never hurt anyone...
 My favorite dish is actually not an entree, but the bruschetta appetizer. I always get them to add goat cheese and chicken and call it dinner!
 I could eat it every day of my life and be completely happy.

We were glad for a moment to relax!
Here's to the weekend (packed with community bike ride, a beer festival and more)!

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