Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catch Up

I always feel like I'm playing catch up! It's been a crazy few weeks here with wedding planning, work, and what not. We're currently under a huge thunderstorm and I'm just crossing our fingers it's over so that we can go to an outdoor concert tonight. It's looking a little iffy! (Note: it's been cancelled)

Now that I can cross venues, wedding dress, catering, photography, tables/chairs/linens off the list, I'm down to just picking flowers before turning to smaller details of wedding planning. There's definitely a sense of relief there and I feel like I can poke my head out and start working on other parts of my life! I have a huge bug to get craftsy and creative and I'm bound and determined to get started on that ASAP. I'm thinking my own desk/craft area and a few projects around the apartment... so many ideas!

Til next time, look at one of my recent projects, our wedding website! The save-the-date cards we designed should be here Monday, so start looking for them soon.

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