Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cheers to the Weekend

Ahhhhh... the weekend. There's nothing I love than sleeping later and rolling out of bed, only to walk next door to the coffee shop for breakfast.
 Sausage biscuits and grits for two, please! It's been a productive day so far, but I'll give a you a sneak peek at something my sister and I worked on yesterday...
 Our Save-the-Dates! We've got to address them now, but I'm so ready to send them out and for people to see them. One day, I'm going to do some blogs on our wedding process. This was actually one of the most fun and actually one of the least expensive items because we designed them and Paul got them printed through one of his sources. 

I've been growing my hair out for about a year now and now I'm even more on a mission to grow my hair out for the wedding. I got my hair trimmed this morning and afterwards I was still feeling in the beauty mood. I was next to the mall (which I NEVER go to), so I went to check out makeup. I've heard nothing but amazing things about MAC shadows, so I decided to give a few a try (not without a little sticker shock paying!).
 I had to run into Target for a few things and decided it was probably a good time to go through my makeup and get a new bag. (Who am I? I'm not really big into makeup!) I've had mine since freshman year of college (six years), so I think it was a good move.
Love my new bag (on the left)! The old one (on the left) was feeling pretty sad.

We'll be heading in about an hour to the Top of the Hops beer festival. I'll report back later!

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