Monday, July 30, 2012


I used to hate okra. A few years ago, I realized it was because I wasn't of fan of how it had been cooked. At the farmer's market one day, a woman told my mom to try to saute okra in a little cumin. From then on, I was a fan of okra. 

When I met Paul, he wasn't a fan of vegetables of pretty much any sort, so I made it my mission to get him to try vegetables. I have to say, he now loves squash, zucchini, and... okra. Just like me, he just hadn't been a fan of how it had been cooked for him before.
I hate the idea of slimy okra, but sauteing it, you don't get that at all. Just cut the cap off, but only to the seam at the top. Use a little spray oil, and sprinkle with cumin and a little onion powder. Saute until they change color and get soft. 

We have this at least once a week because we've found out... okra can be OK! 

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  1. Okra is also very cheap. You get a lot for your money, Nothing wrong with that. MaMaw



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