Sunday, July 29, 2012

Top of the Hops

We had a great time at Top of the Hops yesterday!
 We all met at Cary and David's house (I drove as an anniversary gift to them) and headed downtown. We got there right before it started and lines were already out the door! Luckily, Paul and I had VIP tickets so we were able to go on through without waiting. I had to do a little work when I got there, so it was a good time to knock that out before the rest of our group got through the line.
 Got our little cups and began tasting!
 Since the two of us had VIP tickets, we slipped off for a little bit to grab food and taste some beers that weren't on the main floor. The food wasn't mentionable, but the beer infused ice cream with peanut brittle from Parlor Market was pretty amazing.
 I think it's safe to say the boys had fun... (Please note Paul's pretzel necklace that's almost gone. He wasn't sure about them when I made them, but he was glad he had them once we were there)
After most of us had gotten "beer-ed out," we made an executive decision that the only food to eat after a beer festival was the one and only Waffle House.
 So with that, we ordered!
Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend.

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