Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cheers to the weekend!

We've had a great weekend so far! Last night, we went over to our friends', Justin and Kevin, house. Kevin had an itch to make pork tacos and make a party out of it, so we all brought things to go with it.
 I'm telling you, this stuff was excellent.
 Kevin also made homemade tortillas, even taking them a step further and then frying some of them into taco shells. Justin made watermelon margaritas (blended watermelon, tequila, triple sec, and lime) which made for quite a combo!
This morning we headed out and went to the farmer's market. It's high season and everyone's produce was in full force today!
 Now that we have a farmers market about a block and a half from our apartment, we don't go to this market as often because it doesn't make sense. But, this is where we go for coffee (from Paul at Bean Fruit, which I wrote a story about recently), truly free range eggs (you can even see the fields and chickens that laid the eggs on their Facebook page!), and flowers, which I couldn't pass up. Mamaw, zinnias always make me think of you and the flowers in y'all's backyard.
 Yes, the flowers come in a Miller High Life can. Paul told the man he must have fun every week getting ready to bring the flowers.
 Even a man there making pottery and showing the kids how to sculpt out of clay.
 Egg man!

Right down the block from our place, Nick's launched a new brunch menu, so we knew we wanted to try it out today. We just grabbed coffee in the morning in preparation for our big meal and ended up at the restaurant about noon. It was worth the wait.
Their brunch menu is incredible and fairly reasonable. There are some really clever menu items that I can't wait to try.
 Coffee came out with rock candy as sweetener.
 Paul and I always order and split whatever we get, so one of us got Chicken and Beignets.
I got the Breakfast Burger, but asked them to scramble the egg instead of sunny side up. The burger was good, but I'd definitely get the chicken dish again in a heart beat. We had a great talk with their new director of operations who's taking the restaurant in really good directions.

Now we're back at home and the baker is creating Cary's birthday cake for our family celebration tomorrow. He's very excited about this cake!

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