Friday, August 3, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I'm doing something a little different on the blog today... a blog challenge, if you will. Taken from From My Grey Desk Blog, here's just a little mash up of things from this week (High Five for Friday!).
1. This week I was asked to come to one of local bed and breakfasts to eat lunch for a photo shoot a magazine was doing about their restaurant. I had the salmon with this amazing lentil medley underneath. I'm already thinking about going back and getting it again.

2. As some of you may or may not know, when I moved, my cat Kitty Witty went to live with my roommate. Long story short, she wasn't comfortable in our semi-noisy apartment set up (neighbors with dogs that barked during the day, adjacent laundry room, street noise) and she's in love with her new digs. My former roommate called me this morning and told me that KW had discovered the fireplace over night. She woke up this morning to find KW at the end of her bed covered in soot (she's a pretty much all white cat, mind you). We had to laugh.

3. One of my friends, Katie, had a sweet baby boy this week named Taylor Reed. We went and saw him and he's precious!

4. I'm still so happy with these chairs. It really feels like our apartment is coming together. We are already scheming a profession photo shoot of the place once everything is done.

5. After a long day at work and with all the fast food controversy this past week, Paul and I decided the only place in town to really get a chicken sandwich was Julep. It also happened a good friend of ours was working, too, which always helps!

High Five for Friday!

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