Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday! I feel like every week is a crazy week around here, but it's been a fun one, nonetheless.

1. This week we had PM Pizza at Sal and Mookie's with Parlor Market. They made tons of different pizzas normally not on the menu. Paul got the AM Hangover which was full of breakfast sausage, eggs, maple syrup, orange zest and more. I just couldn't handle it.

2. I got the Veggie Terrorist, whichwas full of roasted veggies like sun dried tomatoes, red peppers, eggplant, and goat cheese. It was seriously the gift that kept on giving because I think I ate this over four meals this week!

3. I may be crazy, but it feels like the weather may be turning. We've been leaving the french doors open to let in the air and it's so nice. Bad thing is, I think we may have frozen our AC! We're having someone come look at it today.

4. One or twice a week, I get coffee at the shop next door. This morning, the local locksmith and friend of mine bought my coffee. Talk about starting the weekend off well!

5. While we were on our trip this past weekend, we stopped at a flea market on the way home. We only needed one piece of furniture to finish off our apartment: a hutch or a sideboard for the hallway for extra storage. We found the perfect piece for only $100. When we got it in, Paul said, "It's almost time for us to do a professional photo shoot!" Once we're done with the place, we'll be doing a photo shoot not only for you guys, but for our building to have new photos to show off for future tenants.

It's going to be a busy weekend, but here it is!


  1. Explain the picture in the left bottom corner, MaMaw

    1. How neat. Lots of storage and the surface can be used for many things, I do love the old things. Some are so practical and useful MAmaw

  2. Mamaw, it's the new hutch we got at the flea market!

  3. mmmm pizza. I need some pizza in my life.

    stopping through via H54F!

  4. that pizza looks delicious!

    Happy Sunday! Drop by and say hello!



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