Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perfect Day

After some really busy days and weekends, we decided this was the perfect weekend to get away. That, and the fact that Paul had been signed up to run a half marathon this weekend, but weather and work got in the way of training and he didn't feel prepared to run it. So we decided to take this opportunity to take a day trip to our old stomping ground: Hattiesburg.

We started with coffee at The Bean next to our place, of course.
 I've always said it and it's still true - for some reason, Hattiesburg has some of the best shopping. We scored some great deals at Hudson's, including a deeply discounted expensive suit jacket and pants for Paul and a sweater for me. We went by United Apparel Liquidators and I scored two pairs of cropped black work pants I had been looking for all for a total of $14. Pretty happy about that.

One thing I turned my husband on to in Hattiesburg is Glory Bound Gyro Co.

They have some of the most incredible hummus flavors, including a jalapeno cilantro that I'm crazy about. But what it really comes down to are those pita chips. There's nothing like it.
 After exploring downtown (which is really exploding these days with two breweries and lots of new shops), Paul suggested we go to the Hattiesburg Zoo. I have to admit, even living right next to the Zoo, I never went. We had so much fun.

The capybara says hello.
We even rode the train. It felt like being a kid!
 I also was interested in visiting my alma mater to see the building they have been renovating to move the journalism school. It looks beautiful!
Of course, campus hasn't changed that much. Especially working at a college again, I really miss mine sometimes.
 Coming back home, we decided on sushi. I was in heaven.
Perfect end to the day. Hope you guys had a good one!

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  1. That capybara wanted to come home with y'all to Jackson. Did y'all leave a storm in your wake? Mom



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