Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas + Soltice

I can't believe there's only a few days until Christmas. Especially with this unseasonably warm weather, it just feels a little weird!

Probably one of my favorite Christmas gifts (Well, I thought it was a Christmas gift and then Paul says it's just a happy) so far are my new-to-me soup spoons. I found them on Etsy and have loved having them to eat with for soups and chili.
 We've gone to some fantastic Christmas parties over the last few weeks, including dinner at Walker's. Paul got the filet and I got the Redfish Anna. So good! The paper slips on the right are "Arden-ism" or sayings that our friend Arden says all the time. We had fun going around the table saying them out loud. 
 I was over at MG's the other day and I told Daphne that I wanted a picture of her. This is all I could get. What a weirdo!
 Speaking of weirdos, our cat loves the outdoors. So, I decided to go ahead and buy her a cat harness and leash (yes, there is such a thing). She's finally getting used to it.
 I'm really happy with how our front door turned out this year. This is the first year I've had my own door that was really worth decorating. 
 Every year, my family always gets together with the Woolverton's for Solstice. This year, we had it at our house! 
 (Can you tell I'm playing with my new iPhone fisheye lens?)

MG and Ryan made creme brûlée. It was so good.
 Chris, in addition to our dessert, drove into the foot long Rice Krispy Treat Paul and I gave him for Christmas...
Merry Christmas!

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