Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bye Bye, Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, which makes me a little sad. I've had a good time at home and I miss it when I'm at work. 
 But, we had a great time over the holidays, including Christmas Day lunch with my family.
 Here's one of my favorite Christmas presents from Paul - a coffee mug from one of my new favorite potters, Sam Clark. His full time job is being the potter that makes all of the items for Mustard Seed and helps run their studio.
 During my holiday break, I scored some great thrift store finds right after Christmas. Everyone is unloading all of their unwanted things, and it's a perfect time to swoop in!

I found this plant stand at one of our favorite junk shops, Odds and Ends. Miss Evelyn, who owns the place, drives a hard bargain. Lucky for me, her daughter was working the day after Christmas. When a lot of the things I picked up didn't have tags, I probably got a much better deal than if her mom had been there! This plant stand was only $10 and I found a set of 15 soup spoons for my mom for only 25 cents each!
 I have to admit, I spent a fair amount of time doing nothing, which KT enjoyed.
 I also found some time to try some new recipes I've had pinned on Pinterest forever. This one is Crunch Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing. It was pretty good. My "resolution" of sorts for this year is to be much more intentional about meal planning, having things like quinoa and chicken already cooked for easy meals, and not immediately throwing up my hands and going out to eat. I bought this visual meal planner from Anthropologie (I had been eyeing it for a while) and it's been helpful for me to visually see the week.
 The Christmas tree came down this weekend, but the mantle has been refreshed with beautiful milk glass that I found on my thrift store excursion. I totaled it up and I think I spent $20 on all the milk glass. Not too shabby. Mom had found some eucalyptus over the holidays to decorate their door with, so I got to deconstruct one of the sprigs. I'm really happy with it.

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