Saturday, May 17, 2014

Progress: Kitchen

One of the biggest projects we knew we'd have to tackle immediately when we moved in was all of the cabinetry. Somewhere along the line, the previous owners had taken it upon themselves to paint all of the cabinets in the kitchen, den and laundry a very dark espresso brown. It made everything seem like a cave! Not to mention, they did not do a good paint job.

Here's what it looked like when we were looking at the house before we purchased it:
 These cabinets (below) are on the side of wall behind the countertops above. All of the twelve drawers had seen better days. Many were broken and they couldn't slide easily in and out. 
 We asked my mom's cabinet maker to fix them for us. He made all new drawers, just using our drawer faces on the front. When they're back in, we'll wax the sides so they can glide in and out.
 This past Monday, the painting began, much to our surprise! Our painter called us Monday morning and said they'd be there in the afternoon to get the process started. (Commence heart attack) I came home at lunch and we immediately started throwing what little we had out of the cabinets and off the countertops. 

Here's what the kitchen looked like after plastic went down and doors came off.
 We went with Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. (We're lucky to have saved hundreds of dollars by using my brother-in-law's employee discount. He works at the industrial division of SW just south of here.)

First side got painted and were super excited to see how our color turned out.
 After the kitchen got sprayed:
 Almost done, which some of the doors back on:

Can't wait to have everything back in place! They'll be touching up doors and painting the walls and trim on Monday. I can't tell you how ready I am to be able to have our plates and cups in a permanent spot. Being a control freak, I've had to really calm down about having everything in boxes for weeks.


  1. WOW!! What a deal. It really looks great. I know you will enjoy cooking even more. It looks so nice. MaMaw

  2. Such a difference! Our kitchen is on the to-do list, too.... in about 5 years. Sigh. I will live vicariously through yours for now.

  3. Impressive work on the new paint job! I didn't know what the old owners were going for, to be honest. When painting indoors, using lighter colors is the way to go, as darker ones give out a gloomy sight and also tend to be warmer. It seems you were gonna redo everything anyway, so might as well get the color you want for it, so you don't have to fuss about it after settling in. At least with this, you can claim your kitchen as your own!

    Suzanne Dyck @ CertaPro Painters



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