Monday, May 12, 2014


Phew! Time flies, but we're making progress on our new house. We closed just over two weeks ago, but a lot has been done since then. 

An hour after we closed, we already had paint purchased. We said that if we did anything before we moved our stuff in the next day, it was to paint the back living room. With the help of almost all of the my family working at once, we got it done in a few hours. It's nice to have that done.
 Next day was moving day, which was really smooth because of our wonderful movers. I sat at the other house and just walked around.
 I tried to document just a few of the flowers that were blooming in the back yard. It doesn't hurt that we bought our house from a Jackson Garden Club member.
 We finally got things moved in and in place, so here's a "in progress" picture of our back living room. Since then we've hung art on the walls and done some other small things. We aren't putting anything in the bookcases or drawers yet because everything that's brown will be a crisp white in about a week or so!
 We also experienced our first homeowner jitters when a string of really bad storms came through. We were still without cable and internet, so we had to watch a live stream of the weather forecast on our iPads.
 We also had some fun with Arts, Eats & Beats. Such a good time in the neighborhood!
 The next weekend we went camping on Enid Lake. Such a pretty place.
 KT is enjoying her new space. She has so many windows to look out of and so many spots to lay in the sun. She has to prioritize!
 We've had a few people over, including my whole side of the family (and then some) for Mother's Day/Brody's baby dedication. It's so nice to have a whole front living room to fit all 18 of us comfortably, with room to spare. This is definitely why we bought this house!
More to come, including progress pictures of various parts of the house.


  1. I am glad you are blogging again. Yesterday was wonderful. The house, the yard and our wonderful family and beyond. Everyone wants to be a part of our family. That makes me feel good. Thank you and Paul for sharing your beautiful new space. MaMaw

  2. I am excited to see your house progress! Looking great so far. :)



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