Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project: Bar Stools

You may not remember, but in our Fondren Corner apartment, we had some bar stools we really loved that I had found on a school supply website. Not having any kind of bar in our rental house, they got stored in the garage. Moving into this house, we found the need for stools again. Ta da!

But, the problem was that our stools were for high counter height and these needed to be for normal counter height. 

Paul was telling this to our carpenter who fixed our drawers and he told him the easiest thing to do was to buy a pipe cutter and cut the legs off. Easy, right?

We grabbed a pipe cutter on one of our many trips to Lowes and Paul got busy. It really went smoothly.
We measured and figured that our legs needed to be cut to 24 inches long, so I marked each of the legs to the right spot. Paul adjusted the cutter and started spinning. The way the cutter works is that it clamps on to the right size, then you tighten it into place and spin it completely around the pipe. As you go, you additionally tighten it and spin until the pipe is cut.
 Here's a comparison between the tall height and the height we cut to - about a six inch difference.
 Here's the after:
We're pretty proud of ourselves for figuring out how to make it work! For only a $13 tool purchase, I'm pretty happy to be using the stools again.

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  1. Look what you did with the right tool. Smart !! They look great. MaMaw



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