Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rummage Sale Finds

There's a church a block from us that always has a great rummage sale every year to benefit a local non-profit. While we usually go on the day of the event, this year we found out about a preview sale. I wasn't about to give anyone a leg up on finding some great stuff! While I didn't look too hard (I really could have combed through a lot more, but we went so Paul could capture some photos for promotion), I did score two great finds all for $3.

I find came upon these great vintage leather shoes that looks just like something my sister would wear. A quick text message conversation later, I told them they were her's!

 I also found this map for a whole buck. I was inspired a few weeks ago when my mom, sister and I were flea market shopping and I stumbled upon a phenomenal vintage map. I'd been scouring eBay for maps and was almost ready to pull the trigger on one that was over $100. (Sigh) Is this my lesson in the rewards of patience?

 This mango wood media cabinet/side board is new as of Friday and it's my new favorite thing. I won't reveal too much because it's part of a freelance blog project I'm working on with my mom, but when they came to take the furniture out of my house that I'd been photographing, we told them they couldn't take this away. We're such suckers!

After our usual breakfast with friends yesterday, I was itching to put up the map and make the space mine. Paul usually takes this time to decompress (watch TV), so he looked at me funny for a second, hung the map, then let me do my thing. Rearranging the house is my zen place.

Now, we still have a 450 square foot front living room to work on, but it's a start. Who needs to rush these things? Isn't it searching and styling that's the fun part anyways?


  1. Yes , take your time. The hunt is the fun part. I remember when Ed and I scoured antique shops to fill our new house. We even built our den around an old mantle that was stored for a year. It was sad when we had totally furnished the house and had to stop. That was ok though because I had you and therefore no more money!

  2. Yes, I love your cabinet. It looks like it was made for that space. I also agree, the fun is to find things one at a time. MaMaw



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