Saturday, August 16, 2014


Holy wow. Paul and I had the most incredible lunch today at our friends' Jesse and Rachel's new place in Fondren called Saltine Oysters and Brew. It doesn't officially open until Tuesday, but we were lucky enough to have them invite us for a soft opening meal.

The interior (on the west side of the old Duling School) is fresh and bright. They've really kept true to the "old school" vibe of the building.

First, we started with some drinks. This is the "Pieces of Eight," which includes Cathead Vodka, passion fruit, St. Germain, and soda. Light and sweet.

These oxtail gravy fries were EVERYTHING. Oof. I couldn't eat these every day (or every week, for that matter!), but these were perfect in a way I've never appreciated sloppy fries before.

Neither of us are big oyster fans, so when it came to entrees, we both chose from either side of the aisle - one from the land and one from the sea. We ended up with redfish on the half shell (wood fired skin-on filet) and the butcher's cut (hanger steak with onion jam and fries). Both were incredible, but the onion jam, to me, took first prize. I could eat it on everything.

Not to be outdone, Jesse brought out a dessert for us to try - key lime tart made with a saltine cracker crust and coconut and kefir lime sorbet. To die for.

Saltine opens this coming Tuesday and I know a lot of people are excited to see it open. If you like oysters, you can get them just about any way you like them - from raw to wood fired and even oyster stew!

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