Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Man, this Labor Day weekend has been much needed! With school starting back with work, our magazine going to press and going to night classes myself (for a certificate program I'm work on), I feel like my free time is precious!

This weekend was all about doing whatever we wanted. For me, after breakfast on Saturday, it was about off loading the donation bags I've had piling up and taking a peek at my favorite thrift store's 50% off sale. I got some great stuff for only $15! I've got a fun project coming up with the canvas bag.


I loved all these colorful books to add to my collection, especially with all of our bookshelves we have around the house. KT was happy to oversee book distribution.

 My mother-in-law also gave me this great tray this weekend that matches a larger platter and ice bucket we have. Such a sweet surprise!

Earlier this morning we also caught up with our friend Scott, who's working on a mural project in the neighborhood. Love seeing more public art pop up just down the street.

Hope everyone else has had a great long weekend!

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