Sunday, September 14, 2014


How is it halfway through September? Time is flying by!

Last weekend we all got together for Brody's first birthday party! We all crowded around and loved seeing him eat his birthday cupcake, getting an icing mustache.

 That afternoon, we also headed to the Ag Museum for Celtic Fest. Happy campers with shepherd's pie and some Sweetwater Blue!

 I've also been working a good bit, but sometimes I don't mind. This past Tuesday we had Beth Ann Fennelly and Tom Franklin (a couple and both writers) on campus for the Arts & Lecture Series. It was great hearing about their writing processes, especially since they just wrote a book together. It's fun for me to see how other couples work together and comparing it to how Paul and I work together on the magazine.

 I was also excited to see my new custom coordinates cuff in the mail from Daydreamer Jewelry Co. You give them an address you want mapped and for a little extra you can add initials on the ends. I decided to go with Fondren Corner, since that's where our first place was together, where we got engaged and is pretty much the heart of the neighborhood.

 This is what my Saturday looked like:

Jealous, I know. I'm currently in a graduate certificate program where I work called the Business Advantage Program. It's only a semester long, but, man, I've learned so much already. The title may sound boring, but I really learned a lot. Luckily, this should be the only Saturday class we have. Our usual schedule is only two nights a week.

We're being teased with fall weather this weekend and KT was ready to go outside. I hate seeing all the mosquitos swarm around her, but we had sprayed an organic bug repellant on the yard, so it was nice outside.

 We enjoyed a nice evening on the patio. Cathead Vodka lemonades with mint from the backyard didn't hurt!

Happy weekend, guys!

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