Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Projects: Mid-Century Dresser Touch Up

I live for moments when I can walk into a thrift store and see something so perfect that needs to come home with me. This dresser is one of those things. 

Paul wasn't so sure. We walked away from it. Looped back. I pulled the drawers in and out. I looked some more. "If it makes you happy, for $50, just get it," he said. Next thing you know, we're stuffing it in the car.

 To be fair, it'd seen better days.

But, armed with a stain pen and Old English, this dresser looked like new. For one, the wood had faded a good bit and really just needed some moisture. Below, I had put Old English on the top drawer, but not the bottom. It's subtle in photos, but it made all the difference.

Here she looks after twenty minutes of elbow grease. So pretty.

This weekend I finally went through my clothes in my old dresser and sorted things into the new piece - added bonus, these drawers are actually larger and more solid than the old one.

Here's to the next project!

1 comment:

  1. It looks beautiful!! If it makes you happy it is worth the little hard work you did. What a sweet and thoughtful husband you have. Be good to him, it works both ways. MaMaw



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