Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bedroom Re-do Complete

We've come a long way in our bedroom, but I'll spare you what it looked like when we first moved in. One thing I always knew for sure, the baby blue had to go. This was definitely the room that I felt was going to have the biggest impact on us because we are in here a lot. We do have a great TV in our living room, but at night, we find ourselves wanting to "be on the Tempurpedic" watching mindless shows. Not to mention, our DVR is in this room.

It's become a joke among our friends that all we do is paint. We have some friends we always have breakfast with on Saturdays and every week, it's usually comes up about painting. Luckily, with this cold weather moving in, we've put a pause on painting the outside of our house and moved inside. 

So, we put on a podcast (Start Up, if you're wondering) and got to work. The bedroom, for our taste, is actually pretty big. I'm guessing something like 14x16, but I don't know exactly. We both said we wanted a color that was darker and richer that would make the room feel more cozy. The blue just wasn't doing that for us.

While we were at it, I also put a new layer of stain on our dresser. We picked this piece up about two years ago and it's moved with us from Fondren Corner, to our Chickasaw house now here. It's always looked a little scuffed and the wood looked "dry." 

After using my stain pen on our other mid-century modern dresser, I tried it on this dresser. What I found was that the whole thing needed some love, not just the scratches. You can tell in the picture below that I took the stain pen to the entire top left dresser drawer. It looks richer and smooth.

For perspective, this is what the side of the dresser looked like. Not good!

After a little wood filler to patch a few holes and a small can of stain later, the dresser looked so much better.

With everything back in place, the bedroom feels so much better. I find myself saying all the time, "This bedroom feels so different. It feels so much better."

Part of me feels like before I was living in someone else's bedroom. Until we painted, it wasn't completely "us." It feels so nice and, not to mention, we actually did this quickly over a couple of hours and it isn't even Christmas break yet. Points for us!

Here's to the next project!

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  1. It seems everything you two undertake, comes out great. Bedroom looks so nice and you do wonders with the stain. Truman used to take care of the big coffee table with a stain stick. He loved it. Remember the coffee table you used to hide under and also scoot across and also measure how tall you were? Ah memories. MaMaw



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