Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Recipe I Didn't Believe In

You're probably reading my post title and thinking, "What the heck is she talking about?" Let me explain.

After Christmas, I was feeling motivated to get organized when it came to cooking. This past fall I had class on Mondays and Thursdays and really felt overwhelmed when it came to cooking dinner. I honestly should have planned meals better all during that time but it just didn't happen. Having my evenings back to myself, I wanted to be able to spend that time however I wanted, which probably wasn't cooking all night.

So, after digging around, I came across this helpful blog post about freezer crockpot meals. Prep your ingredients ahead, freeze and just thaw the night before you need a meal. It's been such a nice change!

One recipe stuck out to me - Mexican Chili with Cornbread. You cook the chili on low for 6-8 hours, mix up a recipe of Jiffy cornbread, put it on top, and cook on high for an hour. Voila and it'd be done! I had in my mind this recipe was going to be one big Pinterest fail.

But, to my surprise, it wasn't. I lifted the lid with one eye open to see this:

I snapped a photo and sent it to my mom and sister with "It's actually worked!" Mom said I had to tell the blog about it. Truth be told, it's been Paul's favorite crockpot recipe yet and he was eager for leftovers the next day.

I've tried a few other freezer crockpot recipes that have been interesting, like Chicken Terriyaki (below, not our absolute favorite).

Here's a few more we've made or have coming up:
Cranberry Pork Roast (also made a chicken version)

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  1. The Crockpot is a great discovery!!I used to use mine a lot and still do sometimes. Of course soup is one I do a lot. You are a good creative cook. MaMaw



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