Monday, March 16, 2015

How I Got A $6,400 Mid-Century Sofa For Less Than $500

We're nearing the one year mark on owning our home which means for almost a year now, our front living room has been empty (see progress pictures here). We've had other projects we wanted to work on and, honestly, I couldn't find what I wanted. Where we live, it's hard to find mid-century modern furniture without paying a royal fortune (and that's when you can find it).

Step forward to last week. I went into one of the home decor consignment stores I visit from time to time and lamented to the ladies in the store that I still couldn't find a good sofa. One of them told me they'd seen one recently posted by another store, but it had been a few weeks and, oh, it was orange. "BUT THAT'S WHAT I WANT," I said and furiously looked it up on my phone. 

And I died a little bit on the inside because this was the photo posted:

Let me tell you, your mind will do irrational things when you want something. I was on a mission. I envisioned someone swooping in right before I could get there. I went out to my car and gave them a call. The sofa was STILL THERE and currently going for $560. That night, I showed Paul the photos and he liked it. I went the next day to look at it, haggled with them and bought the sofa for $485. I was pretty happy with myself.

I started searching online because I knew this was an incredible piece. This is what I found:

Oh, you know, a refurbished and reupholstered version for $6,400 online. Ours, to our knowledge, has the original fabric.

Here was another similar model we found:

I couldn't have been more proud of this purchase.

And the cat approves.

Can't wait to show you how the front room is finally shaping up!


  1. You are the master of great finds. Check out my photo of me planking on it on my blog

  2. I love that sofa! Great find!



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