Sunday, January 24, 2016

ATL + 40

Hi friends! What a difference a few weeks makes. Over here our bathroom reno has reached near completion (praise the lord!), Paul got a NEW CAR out of the blue, we celebrated his 40th birthday, took a weekend trip to Atlanta and other fun things.

First off, Paul is so proud of his shiny new ride (and I am, too)! We have been working on this for over six months - a fantastic partnership with a dealership we love so much, Patty Peck Honda. We got the call that they had a zippy hybrid sports car available and after one test drive, Paul was sold. We've been having a lot of fun driving it around. Not to mention, this paves the way for us to buy me a small SUV in a few months. We're saving our pennies and excited about making it a reality.

Paul signed the papers for his car on his 40th birthday. I joked with my mom and sister that he received a new car, ate catfish AND barbecue, and got a massage all on his birthday. It was his perfect day.

In December we started planning a getaway trip to Atlanta. We are always inspired by Atlanta Magazine, enough to check out a few new spots! 

Of course, Jim 'n Nick's in Birmingham was our first stop. We split this two meat and plate and there was no way we were going to finish it!

Of course, we couldn't go to Atlanta without a trip (or two...) to IKEA. Paul remarked that these chairs couldn't be comfortable, but was sold once he tried it out upstairs. With a tinier ride this go around, we were worried that everything wouldn't fit, but we had no trouble!

One of our top places to see was Ponce City Market, once a huge Sears Roebuck department store. PCM opened six months ago with two stories of retail, a major food hall, loft apartments, offices and more. This was stunning to walk through!

A highlight meal - a late night H&F burger in the PCM food hall. Their ketchup (not sweet, more like a barbecue sauce) was phenomenal. We even bought a bottle to bring home.

A favorite purchase from the trip. I love looking at this every day.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. I hope you do travel often, You do it well MaMaw



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