Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy Dance

Who is doing a happy dance for the weekend like I am? It's been a full week! 

Last Saturday we had a few of our closest friends over for a party celebrating Paul's birthday. In true PW fashion, we had BBQ and all the trimmings.

We had to laugh when our friends Todd and Morgan discovered that the front couch was long enough for them both to fit comfortably fit - a feat for two really tall people! Our friend Chris was able to snap their surprise.

A funny story from party prep: Paul had run to the grocery store down the street for ice and to fill up these gold balloons that I had ordered on Amazon (this and this). They were a huge 4-0! While blowing them up, the manager let go and the balloon went to the ceiling... MANY feet up. I was at home getting everything ready when I was sent this picture.

The guys had put tape on the end of balloons, trying to stick it to the gold balloon to bring it down. Surprisingly, they did get it down!

Over the Christmas break, we (along with much appreciated help from MG and Ryan) tackled the last bedroom in our house to get painted. It is on the same of the house as our master, so I used it as the room where I get ready. Once it was painted, I envisioned it becoming my "lady cave" - part office, part lounge, part beauty station. Last weekend we moved my desk into the room and things are starting to come together. 

Tuesday night I taught my Community Enrichment class for winter, a social media for business 101 course, with the largest class I've had yet at 19! They all were so engaged. I usually do a photography session outside, but because it was cold and dark, I needed something different. Paul suggested that I take random items for them to photograph and "market." This worked out perfectly. I was surprised at their ingenuity!

Wednesday night we had two ABC News correspondents at the college for a book they have just released on the history of autism. As fate would have it, the first ever diagnosed case of autism was a man from Mississippi who went on to attend Millsaps. It was a very special night.

This weekend, we celebrate more birthdays! Today MG his hosting a crawfish boil for Ryan and tomorrow all of the family will be at our house for Mamaw's 89th!

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