Sunday, March 6, 2016

Aides of March

There's nothing Paul and I want more than a screen porch on the backside of our house. Until then, we found the next best thing a few weeks ago: an old screen from one of our windows that fits perfectly in the opening of our french doors.

We are all in heaven, especially KT. The cat used to do very well outside by herself, but then she started bolting and we had to put an end to it. This is our great compromise.

With warm temperatures sliding their way in, spring is certainly on it's way. Tips of trees are turning green and it's about time for us to trim before it all begins. There was a horrible drought in late summer/fall and a lot of plant life died. There's a lot to cut away this year!

We started last weekend with our crepe myrtles. Trust me, there was no crepe murder here. 

I also went with MG and Ryan to the Gem and Mineral Show at the Trademart last Sunday after lunch. There were all kinds of rocks and stones, but Ryan was the only one to walk away with anything. My favorite part were the dinner table displays, made completely out of rock.

It's hard to tell what is real and what isn't!

A month or so ago a frozen yogurt shop opened up in the business district. Yes, we're big fans. It felt so good the other day, I told Paul, "Let's walk after work. We can walk the mile to the yogurt shop and that can be our mid-way treat."

The California tart was worth the two miles.


  1. Spring is so exciting. To see everything come to life can give you fresh hope. I still love Fall the best. Just my nature to pull in and that is what fall does for me. MaMaw

  2. That "rock" food is crazy!



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