Sunday, August 28, 2016

Adding Curtains

Curtains, man. They make a difference. It's not that I have been curtain opposed in the past, they just weren't a priority for me. 

I have been thinking about curtains in our back room for a while, but never acted on it. With a little spending money from MyPoints (a great point collecting site, similar to Ebates), I told Paul that is what I wanted to spend my money on.

Those rooms are so large and the curtains really work to make it feel more cozy and defined.

Our curtain came from Homegoods and our rod came from Target. As things go at Homegoods, there was only one set of curtain panels. Once we put it up and liked it, I mentioned it would be great to have the same thing on our other set of windows. After lunch the next day, Paul snuck out to the other location in the burbs, found the same panels at the other Homegoods, and installed it all before I came home.

Paul can't keep a secret from me. When he was grinning ear to ear when I came home, I knew something was up. It was a sweet surprise!

Now, I'm thinking curtains in our bedroom might be next. Can you picture it? I'm also on the hunt for the perfect mid century nightstands with a drawer. Not having a drawer now, we leave so much on top of our nightstand.

I also felt the urge to pull out my paints yesterday afternoon. Getting back to it felt so good. I think I've had that heavy acrylic set since high school.


  1. Yes, you are right. Curtains do make a difference and yours are lovely. So is that sweet husband. Well lovely does not exactly describe him but he is a gem. You do have talent, maybe painting is a good outlet. MaMaw P. S. I am sorry I was such poor company Sunday, I just did not feel well- better today.

  2. Sophie, did you see Virginia B's comment on your Instagram pic? It said " Ellis women must have curtains!"



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